thedesertmouse (thedesertmouse) wrote,

Someone let T-Rex out of its pen

I just saw frozen goose at Albertsons, which got me to thinking of a visit to the botanical garden at Golden Gate Park a few weeks back.

The geese there move like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. And they're deranged! They'll just waddle up to you, blocking the path, one in front of you and a couple to the sides, and look at you like you're meat. I'd say "of course they look insane; their brains are pea-sized" but neither a sparrow nor a raven nor even a vulture has given me such a crazed look. Nor has one ever hissed at me.

That's right, the San Francisco geese hiss. If they block the path and you try to just walk past them, they will stand firm, crane their necks like ET, and hiss. It's only a bird, I know, but when a bird starts acting tough I start to think maybe it knows something I don't. Like kung fu.

Is this what happens when the bleeding-heart pinkos take over a city? The birds get a sense of entitlement?
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