thedesertmouse (thedesertmouse) wrote,

We won? Strange.

My "last hurrah" as a political activist before deciding that continuing involvement at that level was incompatible with earning my degree soon was as part of the citizens' coalition against passage of the log-rolled Regional Transportation Plan. We lost 60-40, or so I thought until recently. Irregularities surrounding the election were always clouded its result, but there was never anything damning, and the state Attorney General was reluctant to investigate.

Now that County computer operator Bryan Crane has reportedly admitted to fixing the election, pieces of the puzzle--why did information on ballot layout disappear?--are falling into place, and we may really have won. What is there to do with the streetcar track already laid, and the two years of extra tax collected?

I'm having a little trouble processing this. I suppose I'm supposed to be indignant, but two years out, I find it difficult to be anything but reserved. I'd say I'm two years removed from any strong feeling or active support of any political cause whatsoever, but that's only almost true.

If it turns out that the election was flipped, if some of the bastards go to prison, and more importantly, if we keep Grant Road's thriving business district from being paved over for commuter convenience, I'll celebrate. Until then I'm taking a wait-and-see posture. I'd like to say "I'll do what I can" but "what I can" is "not much", other than to 'blog, to e-mail, and to otherwise get the word out to people with more time and energy than I can possibly put together right now.
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